A issue of playboy magazine features marilyn monroe as cover girl

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Hugh Hefner Will Be Laid To Rest Beside Playboy's First Cover Girl Marilyn Monroe

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Playboy - September, 1955 Back Issue

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Celebrities who posed for Playboy

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The first issue of Playboy magazine, featuring Marilyn Monroe on the cover, was created by Hugh Hefner on the kitchen table of his South Side Chicago apartment. Financed with $ of Hefner's. On her Data Sheet way back in JanuaryHeather Kozar told Playboy readers that one of her turn-ons is “surprises” and one of her turnoffs is “unappreciative people”.

Celebrities who posed for Playboy

The Ohio beauty has nothing to complain about, with the news of her PMOY status serving both as a surprise (well, maybe to her) and as proof that there’s no one who doesn’t appreciate Heather. Playboy is an American men's lifestyle and entertainment magazine.

Marilyn Monroe

It was founded in Chicago inby Hugh Hefner and his associates, and funded in part by a $1, loan from Hefner's mother. Notable for its centerfolds of nude and semi-nude models (), Playboy played an important role in the sexual revolution and remains one of the world's best-known brands, having grown into Playboy.

Marilyn Monroe was the very first Playboy cover model, and appeared on the cover 22 times in 13 countries, ranging from Romania to Taiwan. Inside, ”Meet Marilyn Monroe And a New Picture Magazine,” a piece that celebrates this launch issue, with beach shots of Marilyn from the camera of de Dienes.

Very rare first issue of ''Playboy'' magazine, December Volume I.

Playboy - September, 1955 Back Issue

Landmark issue of Hugh Hefner's pioneering and controversial men's magazine, featuring the famous color centerfold of Playboy's very first ''Sweetheart of the Month,'' Marilyn Monroe.

A issue of playboy magazine features marilyn monroe as cover girl
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