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1 BioScience Writers reviews. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees.5/5(1). Everon Biosciences, Inc. was founded in as a spin-off of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute (Buffalo, NY) with the goal of discovering and developing anti-aging medicines.

The CTK RDT was positive in 90/ patients, positive ≥1+ for IgG in 89 patients and positive for IgM in one patient. The SD Bioline RDT was positive in 20/ patients, positive for IgM only in 11 patients, positive for IgM and IgG in three patients and positive for IgG only in six patients.

Epigenetic Writers One such group of epigenetic "writers" is histone methyltransferases, which are further subdivided into lysine methyltransferases and arginine methyltransferases according to their target residue.

Information for Authors and Reviewers. ( KB PDF), which should be consulted by authors who wish to submit to BioScience. Manuscripts submitted should comply with the format requirements detailed there. A comprehensive guide to BioScience style is available as well. BioScience Writers.

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