Grendel comparison

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5 Grendel vs 8 SPC: A Different Perspective

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5 Grendel Howa MINIACTION MDT LSS Chassis Gun: The little Grendel that could

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America’s Soldiers Deserve a Better Rifle

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Why the Fuss about the Grendel?

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Issei Hyoudou

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The Grendel vs SPC debate can get ugly. However, I’m not out to bash either of them because there’s ZERO reason to. They are both Fantastic cartridges that allow the AR to perform FAR beyond what it was originally designed for.

Extensive and detailed comparisons of many rifle cartridges. Check out the following Bolt Kits for converting any BCG to your desired calibre SOCOM; SPC or Valkyrie; Grendel Type II; Bolt headspacing is a big is essentially the dimensions inside the.

AR15 SPCII barrels, 6mm AR15 barrels,Grendel barrels and parts. AR Performance ARP has been the number 1 choice in SPC barrels for 10 years. Let’s take a look at Starline Brass new Grendel and SPC rifle cases and compare Grendel to SPC loads and ballistics.

Grendel comparison
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