Judicial functions finality of decisions made

Ouster clause

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Exclusion of judicial review in Singapore law

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Although section 14(5) of the Employment Act provides that "the decision of the Minister on any representation made under this section shall be final and conclusive and shall not be challenged in any court", the company applied for.

o Can’t revise judicial decisions (separation of pwrs) and can’t assign nonjudicial functions to Art III cts. But judges can consider the matters as commissioners. Section 4 wanted to challenge a decision that was stopped by an oyster clause in section 4. Heard parliament must not have wanted to protect unlawful actions.

Therefore they can proceed with a hearing. The argument is that finality of decision of disputed issues of fact is a judicial function, a part of the "judicial power" vested by the constitution in named courts, and therefore the legislature.

The courts' checking function, however, cautions judicial resistance to congressional efforts to enlarge the scope of "cases" or "controversies" for fear of losing the strength, independence, or finality needed to resist unconstitutional action by the political branches.

More broadly, finality ensures harmony, avoids inconsistent decisions, safeguards the authority and morale of the judiciary, encourages more efficient legal representation, and preserves scarce judicial resources.

Judicial functions finality of decisions made
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