Leontief paradox theory

Leontief Paradox Theory (An Overview)

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Wassily Leontief

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Leontief Paradox

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He has also made contributions in other areas of economics, such as international trade where he documented the Leontief paradox. Dec 09,  · The leontief paradox continued or resolved? university of chapter 5 homework solutionsthe paradox, reconsideredwhat is?

Leontief paradox

Paradox meaning the criticism factor proportions theory. Perhaps the most widely known is the Leontief Paradox, associated with the rather startling results presented by Leontief () that the trade pattern of the United States suggested that its export sectors were more labor-intensive than factor proportions found in its import-competing sectors.

InLeontief conducted an empirical test of the H-O theory by applying his input- output technique on American trade data of He estimated factor-intensity of a “representative bundle” of US exports and US import-substitutes.

Leontief paradox

The finding of Leontief () that U.S. imports embodied a higher ratio of capital to labor than U.S. exports. This was surprising because it was thought that the U.S. was capital abundant, and theHeckscher-Ohlin Theorem would then predict that U.S.

exports would be relatively capital intensive. Responses to the paradox For many economists, Leontief's paradox undermined the validity of the Heckscher–Ohlin theorem (H–O) theory, which predicted that trade patterns would be based on countries' comparative advantage in certain factors of production (such as capital and labour).

Leontief paradox theory
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Leontief Paradox