Muscular christianity

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When Jesus got ‘too feminine,’ white dudes invented Muscular Christianity

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And not just any method of body — a really and vigorous one. One form of this new manly culture, developed out of the Protestant churches, was known as muscular Christianity. In this fascinating study, Clifford Putney details how Protestant leaders promoted competitive sports and physical education to create an ideal of Christian manliness.

THE ‘MUSCULAR’ SIDE OF DAVID’S MUSCULAR CHRISTIANITY. David’s sports interest of boxing and karate were forerunners to today’s modern Mixed Martial Arts. Muscular Christianity, Kingsley had stressed the social benefits that accrue from participation in athletic activities, especially in terms of demolishing class divisions.

Nevertheless, the Christian. Muscular Christianity synonyms, Muscular Christianity pronunciation, Muscular Christianity translation, English dictionary definition of Muscular Christianity.

When Jesus got ‘too feminine,’ white dudes invented Muscular Christianity

The practice and opinion of those Christians who believe that it is a part of religious duty to maintain a vigorous condition of. The Muscular Christianity movement was never officially organized, or headed by a single person, but was instead a cultural trend that manifested itself in different ways and was supported by various figures and churches — predominately those of the liberal, mainline Protestant variety.

Muscular Christianity: Embodying the Victorian Age (Cambridge Studies in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture) 1st Edition by Donald E. Hall (Editor)5/5(1).

Muscular christianity
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