Reflection on food waste

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Severn Waste Services and Mercia Waste Management

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Renewing the Earth

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We need one system that can provide good, nutritious and delicious food to everyone, because food and water are a human right! Posted on May 2, May 2, by saynotofoodwaste Posted in Blog Tagged budget, food, food insecurity, reflection. Three students at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., are being kicked out of their sorority after an inappropriate and racially insensitive photo posted to Snapchat made the rounds.

Ramadan is an important time for reflection, and this year, I urge you all to reflect on the food we waste. The UAE is fortunate today to be one of the most food-secure countries in the world.

The intention of supporting reflection was visible in instances of submitted diary entries where deeper insights about the relationships between food waste, previous experiences, habits, knowledge.

Mission Our mission at the FoodInno Institute is to build a collaborative environment of food innovators from all walks of life.

FoodInno is a community that connects students, educators, chefs, food start-ups, farmers, and food policy makers to design the next food experience together.

Reflection on food waste
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A Year in Food Waste: Reflections