Should mistral a coastal lifestyle brand diversify

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Successful Diversification essay

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Custom Successful Diversification Essay Writing Service || Successful Diversification Essay samples, help Since Mistral has been a global brand for people who like the coastal lifestyle. It is well known for its distinctive products ranging from high-tech surfboards; attire specifically designed for surfing and its ability to link sea sand, sun and wind to create one of the most exciting sports in the world.

Successful Diversification

Mistral craftsmen use only Wood-Sandwich Technology which enables their fleet P. 3 8'6" Wave Characteristic This surf board will satisfy the most extreme wave riders, allowing them to charge in all sorts of wave conditions.

SinceMistral has been the worldwide lifestyle brand for those who live the coastal life.

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Anchored to the coast and to the sports-loving, relaxed life associated with. Mistral is expressive, visible and in demand. Sport, innovation, technology and most of all fun are inextricably bound to this new lifestyle.

The colourful ‘eighties and the relaxed coastal life are still at the heart of the Mistral brand. Therefore, Mistral should drastically diversify its product portfolio, thus improved brand quality (Blackford 15).

Majority of the responds, 90%, strongly feel that by venturing into the international markets, Mistral will succeed to raise its profitability by at least 25% in the next three years.

The colourful ‘eighties and the relaxed coastal life are still at the heart of the Mistral brand. The collection consists of everything that makes coastal life so beautiful: from innovative surfboards and SUP boards to clothing, footwear and lifestyle products.

Should mistral a coastal lifestyle brand diversify
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Should mistral a coastal lifestyle brand diversify