Yeast population growth lab

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Population Explosion (Yeast Lab) (Day #2 of 3)

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In this task you will grow yeast in a molasses solution (food for the yeast) and investigate how one factor influences the change in yeast population growth as measured by 5/5(1).

Students will plan and conduct a laboratory investigation that tests the effect of an abiotic or biotic factor on the size of a population of yeast cells.

A microscopic view of both Saccharomyces (large round cells) and Lactobacillus (small rod shaped cells) in one of the author’s fast souring beers. After acidification to pHthis beer was fermented with WLP, blended with fresh mangos, and dry hopped using galaxy hops.

Transcript of Sugar's Effect on Yeast Growth Lab. Introduction Materials and Methods Results Discussion References Sugar's Effect on Yeast Growth If the amount of sugar increase then the yeast population will increase. -2 pipettes % molasses solution -Microscope -6 test tubes.

After 5 days, you will create a line graph to display both sets of data (personal and class). You should make one graph with 4 lines; two for your own average yeast population over 5 days (experimental and control) and 2 lines for the class average yeast population over .

Yeast population growth lab
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